How to Prepare your Restaurant for Saudi National Day

How to Prepare your Restaurant for Saudi National Day

Why is Saudi National Day celebrated?

Saudi Arabia celebrates the 23rd of every September to commemorate the unifying of the different tribes under one Kingdom at the hands of King Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman Al Saud.

Restaurants, hotels, and large venues are bringing their best offers and deals as their way of participating in the big 92nd national day festivals. The holiday, as usual, is a big revenue-generating season for restaurant owners. And we’re not leaving you behind; we have a list of preparations you can incorporate into your restaurant this year.

It’s your chance to generate a decent amount of revenue, not only on this day but throughout the whole month of September. In this blog, we’ll give you tips and ideas on how to prepare your restaurant for Saudi National Day.

How do restaurants prepare for Saudi National Day?

Many restaurants across the country celebrate the day in style by presenting local-themed menus. We won’t dive far from there, your preparations should also include special offers that are promoted in your marketing campaigns across different channels to drive visitors and more orders.

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Starting from redecorating your restaurant, to offering free delivery throughout the month, or a discount percentage for delivery orders on that day, to hosting an open buffet or hiring a special chef to offer special dishes for the special day.

While all Saudi streets, roads, and public and private organizations adorn the Saudi flag in pride, Saudis take a chance to dine out and spend quality time with their families and loved ones. That’s where you come in.

1- Prepare a special National Day menu

Offering a special menu on Saudi National day will go a long way with your customers' enthusiasm to dine in, regardless of the food you usually serve or the atmosphere of your dining room.

If you rely on a statical, fixed menu and you’re not thinking about regulating the seasonal menu with every new season, a good idea is to offer your Saudi National day menu on a printed QR code on tables and promote it to incentivise foodies and influencers to come and try this special, one-of-a-kind menu.

This way, guests can still have access to the old menu if they don’t prefer to order from the special dishes, however, make sure to also back it up with discounts.

💡 Another thing to consider:

We advise that you run a menu engineering process to validate the most selling dishes from the ones that aren’t driving much value to your sales, and use those insights to get creative by mixing and matching new recipes for the new menu.

2- Redecorate your restaurant

Revamp your restaurant decorations for the special day using Saudi-themed decorations. Like adding Saudi-themed balloons at your restaurant doors to invite guests. Or promote your special discounts or dishes with themed brochures and distribute them to your guests at their tables.

Here are some ideas about restaurants national day decorations:

  • You can decorate a considerate amount of coffee cups to serve not only good, hot coffee, but a different experience.
  • Decorate your restaurant’s tables with the Saudi flag
  • Decorate your dishes with some Saudi flag inspired toppings or vegetables

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The Saudi national day is usually filled with pride and warm feelings, align this with the experience you serve on this special day and you’ll be set.

3- Promote special offers

Consider applying one or two of the below discount methods to your menu:

  • Offer a “buy one get one” or “buy one get one at x% discount”
  • Consider offering combo deals, which you can name National Day Combos as a timed-combo during the last week of September
  • Announce a percentage discount starting from 22nd till the 24th of the month

And don’t forget to promote all your offers ahead of time to help customers consider you in their dining-out plans for that day.

💡 Expert advice:

Take care of how big your discounts are because you don’t want to risk your profit margin.

Speaking of which, you should have a solid restaurant management system that syncs all orders, offers, costs, and profits into one analytical dashboard to easily and smoothly manage and keep track of where’s everything going, click here to explore Grubtech restaurant management platform.

4- Create a special day event

If you want to really steal the attention of the foodies and make an unforgettable evening for your guests, consider some of the event preparations below that can change how people perceive your restaurant.

The thing is, PR serves a great deal in preparing a memorable night at a budget. Think about consulting a PR expert or even an event planner to get everything ready and organized for your guests that day. They usually have a lot of connections that can get your restaurant out there.

A simpler way to do this is by hosting live music on the 23rd. Invite guests by announcing a special instrumental brand or a piano maestro playing that night, and watch your dining room get filled with guests.

5- Hire a special chef

Seasonal days like these require extra measures, think about hiring a special chef to serve new meals inspired by the Saudi heritage with special drinks from the region.

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6- Prepare an open buffet

The luxurious Intercontinental hotel in Alkhobar hosted a breakfast buffet at their Twist restaurant for SR 90 and a special national-day-themed lunch and dinner buffet for SR 190. The offer lasted from 23rd to the 26th of September in 2020.

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Whether you own a large restaurant that can host more than 100+ individuals or a smaller dine-in venue, an open buffet is a great marketing idea that can bring a lot of visitors to your restaurant. And if you worry about not being able to serve a large crowd, make the offer valid for a couple of days.

And if you rely on a powerful restaurant management system like Grubtech, you’ll have nothing to worry about, our set of solutions and the variety of integrations empower the automation of your entire operations. Take a look at these 3 solutions for example:

1- gStock -To support you in times of heat

By using gStock, you can seamlessly manage and update your items, ingredients, and catalogs and also place direct orders to your suppliers while syncing your inventory count with every order wherever placed; online, by phone order, or from dine-in.

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2- gFleet -Manage to deliver hot food Even in peak times

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3- gOnline -Integrate all orders from delivery apps in one place .. and more

You need to maximize your restaurant’s efficiency when you handle orders from everywhere, gOnline can streamline it all through on a single screen to connect your whole staff into one system to improve your overall performance even when your dining room and delivery orders are stacking.

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These are just some of the many things you can do to prepare your restaurant for Saudi National Day; but the most important step to take is to ensure you’re adding your restaurant’s own personal touch, to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

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