Introducing the new Grubtech!

Introducing the new Grubtech!

When our founders started Grubtech a little over two and a half years ago, none of them could have predicted how far we would come in this time. Countless success stories later, we can safely say, we have grown and evolved as a team and a brand. And so, out with the old and in with the new.  A bold new vision. A clearly articulated strategy. And a brand new look! To propel our business forward, to become the most comprehensive and hyperconnected F&B platform.

Why do it?
Simply put: The key to us evolving from a start-up into a  leader in the F&B tech space is to have an iconic, world-class brand. An extraordinary brand sets leaders apart from followers.

What’s different for our customers and partners?
An intimate understanding of our audience and evolving technology has put us on a relentless path to thoughtfully and creatively find innovative solutions that can help our customers maneuver the inevitable changes they face everyday.

With Grubtech, our customers can grow within their realistic realms, while opening doors to a future of doing business with more efficiencies and serious ROI - be it an F&B enterprise, a cloud kitchen, or a traditional dine-in restaurant. We have solutions for all their pain points, touchpoints, and proof that it can actually work to their business benefit, using advanced data analytics tools.

Our carefully articulated vision, mission, values, and proposition will ensure our rapidly growing team is results-driven and that we challenge each other to be accountable to our customers, while striving to reach new heights, each time.

Benefits for F&B enterprises
Grubtech offers a complete, future-ready solution that will give them the edge, with a single, consolidated view of their business, with a capex-free leap into new tech, while also hand-holding them through managing change within their organization.

Benefits for cloud kitchens
For the more evolved and established cloud kitchens, Grubtech offers a comprehensive, built-for-purpose cloud kitchen solution, with plug and play integration into existing systems and superior operational visibility and control, increasing their efficiencies and allowing them to focus on maximizing growth.

For start-ups, we are a strategic partner, who helps improve their tech posture, with the gold standard tech in cloud kitchens.

Benefits for traditional dine-in restaurants
We are the partner who can help them transition from the traditional to the next normal, regardless of their current state of being. With low upfront investments, we offer an affordable and accessible solution that is easy to implement and quick to yield results.

A customer-centered process
Our new brand is built on a strong foundation of customer understanding and insight. We have taken time to study our audience and their evolving needs and desires. We invested in an extensive exercise to build customer personas and customer journeys to help us create strategies, plans, messaging and content that are relevant to the Grubtech audience.

The new direction will help us to be more relevant and laser-focused in meeting the needs of our audiences.

How has the brand changed?
In addition to recreating our visual assets such as our logo, brand colors and communications, our vision and mission have been clearly articulated.. With a polished set of values and personality, we have also recreated our messaging and tone of voice to ensure it truly represents our brand. We are excited to announce that we also have a new tagline – Grubtech – Digitizing the restaurant economy.

What’s next for us?
Our vision is to be the most comprehensive and hyperconnected F&B platform. We will do this by delighting our restaurant partners with transformative technology, our investors with growth and profitability, end customers with the best service, and our team with a passion project worth working for.

As the F&B industry grows, we will endeavor to catapult our customers and partners into the future of food, through technology built on irrefutable and evolving science, coupled with creativity and accessible to all in our space.

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