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June 2, 2022

FOOD SERVICE OF THE FUTURE: Grubtech releases a ground-breaking F&B technology to revolutionize the dining experience in large-scale venues

Grubtech releases a ground-breaking F&B technology to revolutionize the dining experience in large-scale venues

Have you heard of Smart Food Lockers yet? These contactless food delivery systems for large venues hotels, malls, commercial buildings, event venues and more) are the next generation of food service — and only from GrubtTech.

Last year, we pioneered this 3D-printed, on-demand food delivery technology with talabat at EXPO 2020 Dubai. Now, we have released the next generation of these remarkable tools at a Dubai shopping mall, as part of a ground-breaking partnership with Majid Al Futtaim.

Our team is pleased to confirm that our contactless Smart Food Lockers are now in service at City Centre Me’aisem’s hybrid digital venue, Halla Food. Imagine a 3,000-sqft venue, dubbed Halla Food, that comprises a cloud kitchen, seven homegrown F&B concepts, and a 34-seat restaurant. Now imagine that thanks to Grubtech, this food hall of the future seamlessly blends digital and physical dining — allowing customers to order from multiple virtual restaurants in one online transaction.


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Our Smart Food Locker technology offers a range of applications for shopping centres, public spaces and even major events. The options for customers to enjoy their meal are endless, as Halla Food demonstrates. Each Smart Food Locker facilitates a flexible and totally sanitary pickup process. Customers can order from their chosen brand through a variety of means, then stop by to collect their meal for traditional dine-in right there in the food hall, or as take-out before they leave the mall.

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So what exactly can you order at Halla Food, for pickup in your Grubtech Smart Food Locker? Current F&B offerings include Vox Cinemas’ Candy Bar, Top Bun, Kitchen 35, Pizza Al Taglio, Nutella, Epic Byrd and Akl El Beyt. The brand has already announced plans to welcome more third-party F&B outlets and grow its footprint with the addition of new locations later this year. And yes, our Smart Food Lockers will be installed inside those new outlets, too!

As a locally-launched startup, we count it an honor to have partnered with one of the most legendary local names in retail, Majid Al Futtaim, to install this second generation of Smart Food Lockers in public venues. We also look forward to installing more Smart Food Lockers inside similar concepts to be opened in shopping malls, hotels, and other venues near you over the next few months. 

This partnership allows us to introduce more cloud kitchen, ghost kitchen and omnichannel restaurant operators to our signature innovation – a one-touch kitchen management platform that was purpose-built for their needs. It also offers a tremendous opportunity for us to help get smaller virtual restaurant brands, already amongst our customer base, seen within larger venues. 

A win for everyone? Yes, absolutely!

The contactless Smart Food Locker system can be rolled out quickly and efficiently, making it ideal for mall operators, building managers and event organizers. If your large-scale venue is planning to open a multi-brand digital food hall concept similar to Hall Food, let’s get in touch about how Smart Food Lockers can support your customer to dine safely, their way.

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