Grubtech is shaping the future of the online foodservice industry

With the rise of on-demand food delivery apps, cloud kitchens and brick-&-mortar restaurants investing in digital transformation, grubtech is fast emerging as the game changing technology platform for online food businesses.

With the rise of on-demand food delivery apps, cloud kitchens and brick-&-mortar restaurants investing in digital transformation, grubtech is fast emerging as the game changing technology platform for online food businesses. It's data-driven approach is focused on providing the sector with a suite of end-to-end future-proof solutions and streamlining operations for restaurants, cloud kitchens and virtual brands so that they can continue to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Having raised USD 2 million in seed funding, this Dubai-based foodtech startup is spearheading the establishment of the next generation in food, and facilitating the expedited activation and scaling of various concepts and brands. Changing customer behaviors and the impact of COVID-19 has made this an even more pressing requirement, and the need for digital disruption in an otherwise tech-scarce sector has never been more important.

The co-founder and CEO of grubtech, formerly the head of Al Tayer Group’s Omnichannel Division, Mohamed Al Fayed, has previously launched and grown omnichannel websites for brands such as ‘Gap’, ‘Mamas and Papas’ and has also set up ‘Ounass’, the largest regional marketplace for luxury brands. Drawing on his ability to solve numerous pain points of e-commerce using innovative technology over the past decade, Mohamed recognizes parallels between both industries as restaurants start to behave more like fulfillment centers and less like kitchens.    

“grubtech’s vision is to revolutionize the landscape of the foodservice industry by offering the best technology to let anyone start, run and scale their food business online in the fastest way possible,” said Mohamed Al Fayed. “grubtech is built from the ground up, keeping the restaurant and food delivery business in mind. It uses the latest frameworks and technology stacks for catering to a wide range of scenarios and clients,” he added.

grubtech is touted by industry experts as the ultimate foodtech solution. One of their main products, grubONE, uses bi-directional integrated APIs to automatically deploy menus across various channels and automate order capture from food aggregators into a unified and easy to manage dashboard. grubtech also creates hyper in-kitchen efficiencies through its smart kitchen display system and has integrated with various 3rd party logistics providers and POS systems to expedite and accelerate brand onboarding and activation. Additionally, grubtech has developed a machine-learning driven marketing solution which provides restauranteurs with unprecedented abilities to segment customers and manage digital and social media campaigns.  

Future modules aim to incorporate the use of robotics to further enhance in-kitchen efficiencies, in addition to IoT sensors to automate appliance monitoring and tracking.

grubtech investors are among the region’s industry captains and family offices keen on investing in disruptive foodtech companies globally. Mohamed Al Fayed confirmed that grubtech is in the process of implementing its solution in over 100 restaurants, including large international franchises operating in the region, in addition to a pipeline of regional and global cloud kitchen operators. Powered by a diverse and multicultural team of industry, tech and data experts, grubtech is currently accelerating the development of its suite of products to meet the surge in market demand, particularly from larger enterprises, as a result of the pandemic.

Mohamed Al Fayed also shared his plans for the future, “We are currently focusing on the MENA region thanks to its unique customer metrics such as highest order per capita and a large F&B footprint. But given grubtech’s easily scalable technology we certainly intend on entering key markets in South East Asia, Latin America and Europe by 2021.” Without a doubt, the future of food belongs to next-gen platforms such as grubtech.

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